Preferred Text Type
Text Fallback

Use plain if html is missing and vice versa
Default category
Match short category
Try to match categories using ‘starts with logic’ otherwise only do exact matches.
Note that custom taxonomies will not be found if this setting is ‘No’
Use colon to match category
Use dash to match category
Use square bracket to match category
Default tag(s)
Separated by commas
Default Post Status
Default Post Format
Default Post Type
Default Title
Treat Replies As
Strip Original Content from Replies

Forward Rejected Mail
Allow Subject In Mail
Enclose the subject between ‘#’ on the very first line. E.g. #this is my subject#
Allow HTML In Mail Subject
Allow HTML In Mail Body
Text for Message Start
Remove all text from the beginning of the message up to the point where this is found.
Text for Message End
Remove all text from the point this is found to the end of the message.
Filter newlines
Retain newlines from plain text. Set to no if using markdown or textitle syntax
Replace newline characters with html line breaks (<br />)
Filter newlines must be turned on for this option to take effect
Return rejected mail to sender
Send post confirmation email to
Automatically convert urls to links
Encoding for pages and feeds
The character set for your blog. UTF-8 should handle ISO-8859-1 as well
Drop The Signature From Mail
Signature Patterns
Put each pattern on a separate line. Patterns are regular expressions

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