Create WordPress Posts by Email with Postie

Postie allows you to create a post by simply sending an email. Create and edit your email in whatever email program you use. Click send and within a few minutes you have a new post! Postie has been downloaded 1,004,804 times, 3,551 in the last 30 days.


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This plugin is incredibly useful. While WP lets you post “posts,” Postie goes further and posts “pages” too, which is a lifesaver when you have 1,000+ pages to post.

There are numerous other features in the free version already, and in the very reasonable paid addon, you can set things like the slug and custom fields, which is just the icing on the cake.

In addition, the author offers prompt support and has already made several minor improvements in response to my help requests over the last couple weeks.

Very highly recommended!

lklawless Postie June 11, 2019


Postie offers many advanced features for posting to your site by email which are a big improvement over the built in Post by Email functionality.

  • Supports IMAP or POP3 servers
  • SSL and TLS supported
  • Control who gets to post via email
  • Set defaults for category, status, post format, post type and tags.
  • Set title, category, status, post format, post type, date, comment control and tags in email to override defaults.
  • Specify post excerpt (including excerpt only images).
  • Use plain text or HTML version of email.
  • move headers and footers from email (useful for posting from a mailing list).
  • Optionally send emails on post success/failure.
  • Control the types of attachments that are allowed by file name (wildcards allowed) and MIME type.
  • Optionally make the first image the featured image.
  • Gallery support.
  • Control image placement with plain text email.
  • Templates for images so they look the way you want.
  • Templates for videos.
  • Templates for audio files.
  • Templates for other attachments.
  • Email replies become comments.

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