Override Post Categories

There are 3 different ways to specify categories in your email and they all involve the subject line.

Note the category must already be set up, Postie will not create new categories.

The first way is to put a category name (or partial name) or a category id then a colon (:) then the actual subject.


<category name>: Real subject
<category id>: Real subject
<partial category name>: Real subject

The second and third ways are very similar and allow you to specify multiple categories. Enclose the category name (or partial name) or id in square brackets ([]) or between dashes (-).


[category1] [19] Real subject
[1] [2] [10] Real subject
[cat] Real subject
-category1- -19- Real subject
-1- -2- -10- Real subject
-cat- Real subject

If you don’t want to make use of partial matches you can turn off the “Match short category” setting.

Custom Taxonomies

This technique also works with custom taxonomies. You may have to enable the “Force User Login” setting depending on how the taxonomies were set up.

Disabling Category/Taxonomy Matching

Set all of the following settings to “No”


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