1.5.23 Released

  • Remove PEAR/PEAR5 dependency which was causing errors on some systems
  • Call wp_handle_upload_prefilter before adding images to WP
  • Temporary new post is now draft status.

1.5.21 Released

  • Fixed spelling errors
  • Added more debugging around image sizes
  • Clarified some image options on settings page
  • Removed call to wp_set_post_terms()

1.5.20 Released

  • Added logic to prevent appending images when preferred text type is HTML.
  • Improved help text on several options and clarified options.
  • Additional logging around attachment uploading

1.5.19 Released

  • Updated image preview to recognize all variables.
  • Updated “wordpress_default” images template to match WP 3.8.
  • Clarified logging messages for IMAP/IMAP-SSL/POP3-SSL
  • Removed POSTTITLE from templates since we don’t know the actual title at template time.
  • Verified WordPress 3.9 compatibility

1.5.17 Released

  • Fixed date calculation in test screen.
  • Fixed text encoding issues for systems with PHP 5.4
  • Updated CSS to better match WordPress 3.8 styles.
  • Removed reference to pluggable.php to allow other plugins to plug these functions.
  • Verified compatibility with WP 3.8

Filter: postie_filter_email

This filter is called when Postie extracts the “from” email address. For example you could use this function to create a WordPress user for this email if it came from your domain.
At the point the filter is called there is no post created.
The $email parameter is single email address.
add_filter('postie_filter_email', 'my_filterEmail');

function my_filterEmail($email) {
    //create the user
    return $email;

See also:

1.5.16 Released

  • Fixed date detection bug in forwarded messages.
  • Possible fix for blank screen issue (flush buffers rather than check for sent headers).
  • Fixed images showing up in excerpts when not specified.
  • Fixed bug where time offset was applied twice.
  • Fixed bug where excerpts where not getting the newline settings applied.
  • Fixed bug where the attachment template was not getting set on new installs.
  • Fixed bug where mp3 files were causing failures when getting meta-data.
  • Verified compatibility with WP 36. and 3.6.1

1.5.15 Released

  • Added message warning that filter ‘postie_post’ has been deprecated.
  • Fixed bug where a category was detected if there happened to be 2 dash (-) characters and a number was the first thing after the first dash.
  • Simplified header decoding for non-ASCII languages