1.8.36 Released

Postie 1.8.36 was released today with the following changes

  • Allow user to specify a IMAP folder (supplied by Alejandro Liu)
  • New setting “use time offset” which controls whether or not the postie time offset is applied.
  • New setting “ignore_email_date” which controls whether or not the email “from” date is used.
  • New setting “Notify on Error” to control who gets notified on significant errors.
  • Email admins on some errors
  • Improvement to post date handling
  • Fix bug when parsing headers that have multiple encoded sections
  • Fix postie_file_added action

Specify an IMAP folder

Alejandro Liu provided a nice enhancement to allow you to specify a IMAP folder to check other than the INBOX.

To use, when entering the username, for the IMAP account, you append the folder name to it using a “/”.

For example, if the user is ‘bob@somewhere.net’, if you want to use a different folder (like EXAMPLE), you would configure the user to be ‘bob@somewhere.net/EXAMPLE’.

Date/Time Improvements

In addition to some internal date math improvements 2 new settings have been added to allow more control over how dates are handled.

The standard date handling for Postie is to take the date from the email and apply the delay (if any specified in the email) then apply the Postie offset.

You can now ignore┬áthe Postie offset with the “Use Postie Time Correction” setting. With this setting set to “No” the timezone set in your Settings::General menu will be respected.

Additionally you can now also ignore the date in the email and use the system date instead. The “Ignore Email Date” setting controls this.

Error Emails

There are a few errors that cause confusion on a regular basis. Postie will now email all the administrators when one of these errors happens. You can control these emails with the new “Notify on Error” setting. You can disable these emails, send them to all administrators or pick a single administrator to receive them.

These emails are sent if there is a error that impacts a post in some significant way such as: database errors, banned files, failed to add media, unsupported MIME types and temp file issues.

Encoded Subject Lines

Postie now parses encoded email headers (like subject lines) according to RFC 2047. Previously there were a few edge cases that were not being parsed correctly resulting in extra spaces in odd places.

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