1.8.4 Released

This is a major technical release which moves away from the php-imap library and gives you the choice of connecting to the mail server via sockets (default) or curl (required for WPEngine hosted sites).

There are a lot of improvements besides the connection options:

  • New icon set thanks to Chris Lacey
  • php-imap replaced by cURL and Socket connection – work sponsored by xsell.net
  • TLS automatically detected, setting removed
  • Ignore mail state no longer supported, setting removed
  • Header array in filter_email3 and postie_post_before filters have changed format
  • Fixed paragraph detection in plain text when removing newlines
  • Removed old partially functioning forward detection logic
  • Transform “[cid:xxx-xx-xx]” references gmail adds to image references.
  • Add new filter: postie_post_pre that runs after the email is parsed, but before any changes are made.
  • Fixed improper decoding of encoded headers when multiple ‘encoded-words’ are present.
  • Fix to allow multiple #img# reference to the same image.
  • The default video 1 template is now ‘vshortcode’
  • New option: Text fallback. Falls back to plain if html is blank and vice versa.
  • Support removing featured image from html
  • Gallery shortcode handling is now correct when there are both images and non-images.