Wayne Allen has been the maintainer since November 2012.

Postie was originally developed by John Blade followed by Dirk Elmendork then Rob Felty.

As far as I can tell there once was a guy named John Blade. He took some of the original wp-mail.php code and started hacking away on it. He actually got pretty far. About the time I discovered WordPress and his little hack – called WP-Mail at the time – he went on a vacation or something. There were some problems with the script, and it was missing some features I wanted. I hacked away at it and got it into a place where it did what I wanted. I started posting about it since I figured other people might want the features.

— Dirk Elmendork

A short history

June 2004 – First public release (WP-Mail) by John Blade

August 2004 0.2 released

September 2004 0.3 released

January 2005 0.311 released

March 2005 0.312 released

April 2005 0.312.2 released as “Postie”, now maintained by Dirk Elmendork

July 2008 1.1.2 released, now maintained by Robert Felty

April 2009 1.2 released

August 2009 1.3 released

April 2010 1.4 released

November 2012 1.4.5 released, now maintained by Wayne Allen

April 2013 1.5 released

September 2014 1.6 released

July 2015 1.7 released

October 2016 1.8 released

June 2017 1.9 released

a “Ronseal”* plugin……

*”it does exactly what it says on the tin”

The instructions are excellent, whilst WordPress may be happy with a ***** rating approach, for those of us who prefer not to code, I would nominate this as an exemplar of how plugins should be delivered…well done.

intraconisnet Postie

Great plugin, even greater support from the developer

developer helps resolving every issue. thanks

eveslage Postie

great for starters and pros!

It works like expected, easy to use, but with a lot of options and hooks to extend the plugin.
Last but not least: Great service – author is very helpfufl.
Thanks for this plugin and your help!

bhenselmann Postie