1.5.16 Released

  • Fixed date detection bug in forwarded messages.
  • Possible fix for blank screen issue (flush buffers rather than check for sent headers).
  • Fixed images showing up in excerpts when not specified.
  • Fixed bug where time offset was applied twice.
  • Fixed bug where excerpts where not getting the newline settings applied.
  • Fixed bug where the attachment template was not getting set on new installs.
  • Fixed bug where mp3 files were causing failures when getting meta-data.
  • Verified compatibility with WP 36. and 3.6.1

1.5.15 Released

  • Added message warning that filter ‘postie_post’ has been deprecated.
  • Fixed bug where a category was detected if there happened to be 2 dash (-) characters and a number was the first thing after the first dash.
  • Simplified header decoding for non-ASCII languages

1.5.14 Released

  • Added PHP version to debug output
  • Added PHP version check when disabling GSSAPI
  • Added new filter “postie_post_before” to replace “postie_post”
  • Added new filter “postie_post_after”

1.5.13 Released

  • Added more robust charset conversion to deal with malformed emails.
  • Ensure the default title is used when category etc parsing results in blank title
  • Consolidate procedure for locating wp-config.php
  • Additional debug output.
  • Fixed a bug where the default author was being used even though the email had a valid author.
  • Added feature to disable IMAP authentication with GSSAPI or NTLM to improve MS Exchange compatibility.

1.5.12 Released

  • Added full paths to includes in config_form due to some hosts having include_path set in a way that breaks Postie.
  • Added some checks for emails that aren’t correctly formatted (AirMail/WinLink)
  • Consolidated environmental checks
  • Added logic for Debian location of wp-config.php

1.5.11 Released

  • Moved test files out of main repository to decrease plugin size
  • Fixed issue with readme file (WordPress readme validator moved)

1.5.10 Released

  • Added template field descriptions to image tab.
  • Fixed a bug where caption placeholder in templates wasn’t being properly set.
  • Additional test to see if wp-config.php can be found.

Postie & GoDaddy

Postie works well with GoDaddy hosting, but you are required to use GoDaddy mail servers (rather than something like Gmail).

Create a new email address through the Cpanel functions in GoDaddy. After the email is created go to the Configure button that showed multiple ways to auto configure the email for many other hosts. At the bottom of the page it shows Manual Setup. This is for Postie.

When you enter the MailServer in Postie be sure to use the full server name: a2plcpnlxxxx.prod.iad2.secureserver.net (The xxxx will vary depending on your account)

Mail Server Settings

  • Protocol: POP3
  • Use Transport Layer Security: No
  • Server: a2plcpnlxxxx.prod.iad2.secureserver.net
  • Port: 110
  • Userid: your full email address
  • Password: your password


Postie & Gmail

Postie works well with Gmail (and Google apps for business), however, there are a few things that can get in the way.

First make sure your hosting company allows access to external mail servers. GoDaddy notably does not allow this. If you are hosting with GoDaddy there is no way to use Gmail, you must use the GoDaddy email server.


Second make sure you have enabled POP3 (or IMAP) access to your Gmail account. Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab in your Gmail settings and click the Enable POP for all mail radio button. See also the Gmail help page.

Finally set you settings to:

  • Connection: Sockets
  • Mail Protocol: POP3-SSL or IMAP-SSL
  • Port: 995 or 993
  • Mail Server: pop.gmail.com or imap.gmail.com
  • Userid: your full email address
  • Password: your password

Gmail will not work with POP3.


Occasionally Gmail will stop working and you can see a Postie error message that says something like “[ALERT] Please log in via your web browser”. This means you must log into the account Postie is trying to access via https://gmail.com where you will be asked to confirm a login from whereever your server is located.

If this doesn’t work try http://www.google.com/accounts/DisplayUnlockCaptcha

Turn off 2-Step Verification https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1064203?hl=en

If you are still having difficulty you may need to change the Google “Less secure apps” setting. Be sure you are only signed into the gmail account that postie will use then go to https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps and make sure it is set to “Turn off”

While the wording on this page makes it sound dangerous what it really means is “allow traditional authentication” which uses very high levels of encryption.

Finally check these pages for other options:

1.5.9 Released

  • Fixed a bug where valid users can post via email even though they don’t have role permissions.
  • Fixed a bug where nice_name was being used in the settings screen even though user_login was needed.
  • Fixed the error message when the default poster is not valid.
  • Fixed bug where gallery short tag was getting set when non-image attachments were found.