Open Street Maps AddOn

The Open Street Maps AddOn allows you to add a latitude & longitude to a post in a way that works with the Open Street Maps plugin (OSM).

The simplest way is to attach an image or video to your email that has geolocation information embedded in it. (Note that there is a bug in some versions of PHP that prevents this from working)

You can display a map of all your geo-tagged posts as described here:

Alternate Way

Alternatively you can supply some special text in your email:
{{location <latitude> <longitude>}}

For example:

We have finally arrived in Portland, Oregon!

{{location 45.52 122.6819}}

Release History:


  • Update getID3 library


  • Support alternate geolocation encodings


  • Add support for geolocating videos


  • Now extracts geolocation information from image attachments when available.


  • Better support for unicode characters


  • Initial public release

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