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WP Rocket

This AddOn will clear the WP Rocket cache if Postie imports an email. There is no configuration for this AddOn. See for more information about WP Rocket.

Subject Fixer

This AddOn will let you fix up your subject lines. For example if people forward emails they often have “fw:” at the beginning which doesn’t make for a very nice title. You can specify “begins with” or “ends with” patterns.…

Replace File

This AddOn allows you to replace a file rather than have it renamed. This can be useful if you have a something like a PDF menu that you want to update every day Just attach the file making sure it…


This AddOn allows you to specify a “prelude” html snippet before each email processed. Useful if you always want posts created by Postie have the same starting text.

Notification Customizer

This AddOn allows you to specify who gets notified for successful and failed posts. By default Postie sends failure emails to the blog admin. This will allow you to choose anyone you like.

Media Vault

This AddOn works with Media Vault and assigns Media Vault permissions to attachments added to the Media Library.

Front Page

This AddOn will make the last email read by Postie the front page. No configuration is necessary.

Email Capture

This AddOn will store the “from” email address in a custom field called “postie_email” for use in your theme or elsewhere. There is no configuration required.

Dynamic Categories

This AddOn allows you to assign a category based on the content of the subject line and optionally require a matching word/phrase in order to post. A new settings page is added. “Use string to match category” essentially turns the…