Enabling Debug Output

As of version 1.5.5 you can click the “Run Postie (Debug)” button to have Postie check for emails and report debugging information to the screen.

Postie Options

To always log debug info to a log file you can still do the following:

In your wp-config.php file look for the following:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);

Replace it with:

define('WP_DEBUG', true);
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true);
define('POSTIE_DEBUG', true);

Various errors, warning and informational will be written to the wp-content\debug.log file. There may also be all sorts of warnings and messages in your site as well depending on how well behaved your other plugins and themes are, so you will not want to leave these settings set to true all the time.

If the debug.log file doesn’t show up then create a file debug.log in the wp-content directory and then “chmod 666 debug.log” or use cpanel to do the same thing.

It is possible that the error log is in a different location. Running Postie or Test Config will tell you where it is located (as of 1.4.26).

1.4.24 Released

Fixed a bug where the original attachment name wasn’t being used.
Fixed a bug where the #eimg# tags in the excerpt were not getting expanded.

1.4.22 Released

Fixed a bug where the subject was not being properly decoded when Q-encoding was used.
Fixed a bug in #img# caption detection.
Fixed a bug where the tag command was picking up too much text.
Enhanced the date command to allow times as well.

1.4.20 Released

Added Date feature. You can now specify a specific publication date.
Fixed a bug with embeded youtube/vimeo links when shortcodes are turned off

1.4.18 Released

Fixed a bug where linkifying was doing too much.
Updated lots of method names in preparation for some significant structural changes.

1.4.16 Released

Fixed a bug where an extra div tag was getting added.
Fixed a bug when linkifying URLs.
Fixed a bug where inline images were not being detected.