1.4.38 Released

  • Improved POP3 configuration test
  • Fixed bug where :start and :end were removing commands like tags: and date: before they got a chance to be processed

1.4.37 Released

  • Fixed bug in tag handling
  • Fixed bug in category detection
  • Worked around a bug in WordPress that was mangling filenames that are not in ASCII, i.e. Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, etc.

1.4.36 Released

Removed some debugging code from filters and hooks
Fixed bug where the date command was being ignored
Added ‘quicktime’ as a default type for the video1 template

1.4.35 Released

  • Consolidated logic for load configuration settings. Fixes bug where new settings were not having their defaults set properly.
  • Fixed bug where attachment file name was not being correctly detected.

1.4.33 Released

Fixed bug where non-category taxonomy was being selected as the post category.
Added option to force categories to match exactly.
Added logic to skip text attachments named “ATT00001.txt” where the numbers can be any sequence. ThisĀ improves the previous fix by detecting all attachments added, not just the first one.

1.4.32 Released

Fixed bug in detecting need for imap extension.
Added additional selections for “Maximum number of emails to process”
Added logic to skip text attachments named “ATT00001.txt” which are added by MS Exchange virus scanning.
Added option to check for email every 5 minutes.

1.4.31 Released

Fixed bug that caused activation to fail or show a blank page.
Fixed bug where WP media upload rejects a file.
Added a check for mbstring.
Fixed bug when attachment names were only supplied via d_parameters.

1.4.28 Released

Fixed bug in “reset settings to default” where the protocol wasn’t being retained.
More cleanup and clarification on settings screen.
Fixed bug where excerpts weren’t getting set if “Filter newlines” was set to “Yes”
Removed logic to increase memory size.