1.4.22 Released

Fixed a bug where the subject was not being properly decoded when Q-encoding was used.
Fixed a bug in #img# caption detection.
Fixed a bug where the tag command was picking up too much text.
Enhanced the date command to allow times as well.

1.4.20 Released

Added Date feature. You can now specify a specific publication date.
Fixed a bug with embeded youtube/vimeo links when shortcodes are turned off

1.4.18 Released

Fixed a bug where linkifying was doing too much.
Updated lots of method names in preparation for some significant structural changes.

1.4.16 Released

Fixed a bug where an extra div tag was getting added.
Fixed a bug when linkifying URLs.
Fixed a bug where inline images were not being detected.

1.4.14 Released

Fixed a bug where attached images were not being detected properly causing a “File is empty. Please upload something more substantial.” error