1.4.11 Released

Lots of fixes and compatibility with WordPress 3.5. Fixed bug where having a colon in the subject caused the subject to get truncated Added donation link to admin screen Fixed bug where #img# captions with double-byte characters were not working…

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1.4.10 Released

Still tightening things up. Fixed some new bugs and some old bugs. Fixed warning when there is no subject Removed all script and style tags from HTML content in place of XSS warning Removed XSS warning Fixed bug where post…

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1.4.9 Released

Another maintenance release, this one focused on better non-English support and inline images. Fixed bug where date, author, etc didn’t get set. Fixed bug where Postie was treating attached images as strings Fixed bug where inline images were not being…

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1.4.8 Released

This maintenance release fixes the following issues: fix collisions with simple_html_dom fix bug when trying to get file name from MIME part fix bug causing Cannot modify header information warning

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1.4.7 Released

So it turns out that Postie is a complex beast and I’m still learning all the nooks and crannies. 1.4.7 fixes a bug where some of the schedules didn’t work.

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1.4.6 Released

Thanks to everyone who asked a question or requested a feature on the forums. Lots of small changes in this release. The big one is making the XSS check a warning rather than aborting the post as there were too…

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