Replace/Update Post by Email

A frequently requested feature is to be able to update a post by email. I’m happy to announce that it is now possible to do this via the Postie Shortcodes Addon.

To update a post create your email as usual then add [preplace] at the end. In order for Postie to know which post to replace your email subject must match the post title exactly.

Let me know if this is useful.

1.9.38 Released

  • Fix bug where filtering out an attachment using postie_include_attachment prevented other attachments from being processed

1.9.36 Released

Fixed bug where image titles are blank. Bug was introduced in 1.9.34. No significant impact, image files just had a blank title and showed as “(no title)” in the Media Library.

1.9.35 Released

Allow for a single admin when sending post confirmation emails.

The Notify on Error setting now lists individual admins in addition to the Nobody and All Admins options.