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My posts from Constant Contact/MailChip/Aweber don’t look right

If you are sending email from one of the email marketing websites to your site via Postie you may notice that the formatting isn’t the same. There are 2 possible reasons for this:

Your WordPress theme conflicts with the styles you assigned when building your email.

In this case you will either need to change the style of the email or the theme. You might be able to add some additional CSS via a plugin like Simple Custom CSS.

Your email does not have inline styles

If your email depends on external or internal stylesheets Postie removes these in order for the resulting post to be valid for WordPress. All the email marketing site recommend that you use inline styles for greatest email client compatibility and this works best for Postie as well.

MailChip in particular has a nice setting to automatically make all the styles inline. See http://kb.mailchimp.com/campaigns/ways-to-build/use-the-css-inliner

Constant Contact CSS recomendation: http://support2.constantcontact.com/articles/FAQ/1095

MailChip also provides a free tool for converting your HTML into inline style. Make sure you copy the entire html source then go to http://templates.mailchimp.com/resources/inline-css/

No text when sending from iPhone

Using the Apple Mail app on iPhones and iPads to send pictures to Postie results in only the pictures showing up with the text missing. This is because by default the mail app does not send a html version of the email, only plain text.

Starting in version 1.8 Postie now has the option to “fall back” to the other “Preferred Text Type” just change the value to “Yes” click Save and you are good to go.


0 height/width images

If your images are showing up with 0 height/width you have likely run into a PHP bug. There was a bug introduced in PHP 5.6.24 that causes the image size process to fail for some images (i.e. generating the alternate sizes specified in Settings -> Media).

If you can roll back PHP to 5.6.23 or forward to 7.0.x that will fix the issue.

If you don’t control what version of PHP is on your server you can change the image template Postie uses. Go to the Image tab in Postie settings and look for the Image Template setting.

The default is:

<a href="{PAGELINK}"><img src="{MEDIUM}" alt="{CAPTION}" width="{MEDIUMWIDTH}" height="{MEDIUMHEIGHT}" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-{ID}" /></a>

Change it by removing the height and width attributes:

<a href="{PAGELINK}"><img src="{MEDIUM}" alt="{CAPTION}" class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-{ID}" /></a>

For those interested the bugs are listed here: https://bugs.php.net/search.php?cmd=display&package_name[]=EXIF+related

My posts have a “tmptitle” title and no content

Postie creates a placeholder post with the title “tmptitle” when receiving your emails so that it has a place to store any attachments before starting to process the content of the email. So if something goes wrong these get left behind.

Things that might go wrong in the order of likelihood:

PHP ran out of memory. There should be a message in the web server logs. This is often caused by a very large attachment in an email. You may need to log into the email account and delete the message. See this article on how to adjust the amount of memory allocated to PHP.

PHP ran out of time.There should be a message in the web server logs. This is typically because there are either a lot of emails (100s) or your email server is slower than average. You can use the “Maximum number of emails to process” setting to limit how many emails are fetched at one time. You might also be able to increase the amount of time PHP allows a script to run by changing the max_execution_time PHP variable. Contact your host for instructions.

A bug in the image library. This one is frustrating because there is no error message anywhere, but some hosts seem to have a buggy version of the software that resizes the images.

A bug in Postie. Doesn’t happen very often, but it is possible. If this is the cause you will see a PHP error message in your web server logs. Please post the error message in the support forum and I will get it fixed.

A bug in a Postie AddOn. If it is my AddOn send a message to help@postieplugin.com. If it is your AddOn it is up to you to fix it 🙂 If you’re having trouble post in the forum and I will try and help.

A bug in another plugin. Most plugins don’t think about posts being created somewhere other than the post editor so sometimes there is an incompatibility. In general most plugin authors want their plugins to work for you and will create an update to fix things. I am always happy to work with another author to ensure things work well together.

Unsupported File Type

WordPress supports a number of file type that you can place in the media library. Postie tries to add each attachment to the media library.

See https://codex.wordpress.org/Uploading_Files to see the default list of supported file types.

If you try to include a file type in your email that isn’t supported by WordPress Postie will be unable to add it to the media library.

You can use a plugin like File Upload Types to add support for additional file types.

Post is “draft” status

This is caused by one of 2 things.

  1. the “from” email address does not match with any of your WordPress user’s email addresses., or
  2. the user does not have permissions to publish

You can set the “Notify on Error” setting to get a detailed message about what is going wrong.

For 1 make sure the email address in the WordPress user matches the “from” email address you are sending from.

For 2 make sure the user has the appropriate permissions that match with “Roles That Can Post”