FAQ Category: Messages

Why do my posts show up as being posted by ‘admin’ instead of me?

If your admin account is linked to bar@gmail.com, and you send mail from bar@gmail.com, it will show up as being posted by admin. If you have a WordPress user named “John Doe”, which is linked to johndoe@gmail.com, make sure that you send emails from johndoe@gmail.com. It doesn’t matter which email address Postie is checking. That is, if you send mail from johndoe@gmail.com to foo@gmail.com, it gets posted as “John Doe”.

If you send an email to your Postie address from an email address that is not linked to a WordPress user, it will get posted as admin.

Why aren’t my images showing up at all?

There are a couple possible reasons for this. First, check to see if you can add an image through WordPress’s normal posting mechanism. If not, then check the following:


  • Your server does not have the php-gd library installed. Ask your hosting provider about this.
  • Your wp-content/uploads directory is not writable by the webserver. Make sure that it is.


  • “Use custom image field for images” setting is set to “Yes,” change it to “No.”

No thumbnails

If you are not seeing any thumbnail images being generated you should check your PHP version. There was a bug introduced in PHP 5.6.24 that causes the thumbnail process to fail for some images.

The fix is to roll back to 5.6.23 or forward to 7.0.x

For those interested the bugs are listed here: https://bugs.php.net/search.php?cmd=display&package_name[]=EXIF+related

Why do parts of my subject not appear in the post title?

Due to the fact that some Postie features use the email subject it is possible for conflicts to arise.

For example the subject “Birds // Bees” will end up with a post title of “Bees” because the “//” is used to specify post types and formats. See Override Post Type and Override Post Format. There isn’t much you can do about this unless you control the email subject lines.

Or you have a title like “12-11-2013 Stats for the day” and end up with a title of “122013 Stats for the day” This is because Postie sees “-11-” and assumes you want category 11 for your post. See Override Post Categories.

More commonly you have a title like “Warning: Storm approaching” and end up with a title of “Storm approaching” and a strange category. This is because Postie uses everything before the “:” as a category wildcard. See Override Post Categories.

The following setting in the Message tab can help you control this behavior.


You can turn off the wildcard logic by setting “Match short category” to “No”. This will prevent subjects like “No: We don’t want to” from being matched to the category “Normal”

If you don’t want to set any categories from the subject line set “Use colon to match category”, “Use dash to match category” and “Use square bracket to match category” to No.

How can I remove signatures from my emails

There are 2 features that can be used to remove signatures.

The first one is the “Signature Patterns” setting. This is a list of regular expressions (RegEx) that are used to specifically look for signatures. These work best with the “plain” “Preferred Text Type” setting and if your email come from a variety of sources, but you may need to play with the RegExes to meet your needs.

The second method is the “Text for Message End” setting. This is a word or phrase that indicates the end of the post and that it and everything after it in the email should be ignored.

For example I get a newsletter that always has the text “I hope you enjoy the post.” after the real content. If I put that in “Text for Message End” everything from that text to the end of the email will be ignored.

This method works best if you have a single email source such as a newsletter.

Strange shortcode [image: Inline image 1]

It appears that Google mail (Gmail) will add a placeholder to the plain text version of your email that looks something like this: [image: Inline image 1]

This will occur for each image inserted “inline” which is the default.This text is actually in the message, Postie is not adding it.The best workaround is to change the “Preferred Text Type” setting to “Html”

Missing content but attachments shows

If your posts are blank except for attachments it is likely that you have your “Preferred Text Type” setting set to “plain” and you are using one of the following email clients:

  • Apple Mail on iPhone/iPad
  • SquirrelMail

When you send an email your client has the option of sending plain (unstyled) email, HTML (styled) email or both. In the case of the above email clients they only send HTML email in some cases and if Postie is set to look for plain it won’t find any content. The fix is to turn on the “Text Fallback” option.