1.8.24 Released

  • Fix bug where debug output was displaying plaintext passwords.
  • Fix bug where categories specified with a colon required a space after the colon.
  • Postie now works off blog time rather than GMT.
  • Fix bug where oEmbed::get_provider() is not available on WP versions prior to 4.0.

1.8.23 Released

  • Fix bug where long subject lines are missing a space.
  • Fix bug where {CAPTION} placeholder not being removed if no caption.

1.8.21 Released

  • Clarified the behavior of the “Use custom image field for images” setting and moved it to the Image tab.
  • Clarified text on some settings.
  • Fix bug which prevented captions from working correctly
  • Fix bug which prevented more than 9 #img# references from working.
  • Account for Unicode non-breaking spaces in regular expressions.

Shortcode AddOn can now set the post slug

The Shortcode AddOn has a new shortcode – pslug. You can use this shortcode to specify the post “slug

[pslug slug="my awesome slug"]

This will set the slug for the post to “my-awesome-slug”. This lets you have a slug that is different from the title/subject which is the default.

Note that WordPress will “sanitize” the slug to remove characters that would be invalid in an URL. Also slugs have to be unique so if you use the same one WordPress will append a number to the slug to make it unique, e.g. “my-awesome-slug2”

See all the supported shortcodes.

1.8.19 Released

  • Fix issue where attachments not showing if both plain and html are blank and the attachment is part of a multipart (related) block.

1.8.18 Released

  • Fix issue where inline PDF was not being detected as a PDF.
  • Fix issue where outlook.com is setting an incorrect mime type on images.