Support AddOn

We released a free AddOn that can capture a Postie session and send the log files to Postie support. Very useful if you’re have trouble with Postie.

action: postie_raw

This action is called when Postie retrieves an email from the server.


  • $rawEmail

The $rawEmail parameter the email as retrieved from the server. Note you can’t make changes to the email at this point.


add_action('postie_raw', 'my_postie_raw');

function my_postie_raw($rawemail) {
    //Do something


1.8.24 Released

  • Fix bug where debug output was displaying plaintext passwords.
  • Fix bug where categories specified with a colon required a space after the colon.
  • Postie now works off blog time rather than GMT.
  • Fix bug where oEmbed::get_provider() is not available on WP versions prior to 4.0.

1.8.23 Released

  • Fix bug where long subject lines are missing a space.
  • Fix bug where {CAPTION} placeholder not being removed if no caption.